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It was almost 5 years ago when the story begun. At the time I lived in England and one day I discovered the website www.framebuilding.com

This website offers a kit of parts for beginner to make a bike frame using the lug construction.
Without having neither the knowledge nor the tools to get into making a frame, I did some research to get an idea of the methodology to follow for such a project. I finally discovered this book:

This book covers quite well the “DIY” manufacture of a bicycle frame using a lugged construction. On the other hand, it should be known that it is only available in English and that there is now a third edition. Another disadvantage, the basic tooling recommended by the author who lives in the USA is sometimes only available there. However, the book is a great help overall.

With all this information, I decided to start and make a race bike for my father with him in his garage.

After having made some estimates of the dimensions of the frame we started the manufacture in April 2013 to finish it in August. Then the bike was painted in October of the same year.

My dad will use this bike for almost a year and a half and then unfortunately he will have an accident with another cyclist that will damage the frame.(No worries my dad was OK!)

That’s why I recently started the restoration of this bike, taking the opportunity to make some improvements such as the modification of the position of the seat stays with the seat tube, the addition of a brazed on saddle clamp, brazing of the front derailleur hanger and grinding of the mudguard and rack eyelets on the rear dropouts. With the new paint, the bike finds a second youth!