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Several months after initiating its design, the bike fitting tool is finally done!

But,for starters, why go into the trouble ofmaking a  bike fitting tool?

This question is the key. The bike fit is essential in the sense that it justifies the manufacture of custom bikes.

Indeed, it allows to determine the ideal position of a cyclist on a bike whichever his ambitions (leisure, competition …). This position on the bike makes it possible to optimize both comfort and efficiency of the cyclist. It also helps to prevent injuries or knee pain, a classic example.

The bike fitting tool makes it possible to obtain the ideal position for any cyclist so that the bike adapts to the cyclist and not the opposite!

As for the decision to make my own bike fitting tool, it was motivated by the lack of offer that fitted my needs.

I started with a complete design of this bike because the project is relatively complex. Having checked the availability of the required parts, I finalized my design:


The manufacture of this bike was a very interesting project due to its complexity and the number of custom-made parts. It was after several months of work that I had the pleasure of finishing it.

I have used it several times and the results are very conclusive, it is really an essential tool to make custom bikes!