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Dominique’s 650b Stainless steel forks

Dominique had a 26 “MTB with titanium frame and wanted to turn it into a Randonneuse with larger diameter wheels in 650b.
For this transformation he had to remove his old Rockshox SID forks  and replace them with a light fork that would suit the new style of the bike.

The frame being unpainted and having a brushed appearance, his choice got naturally oriented towards a stainless steel forks. He also wanted to have the possibility to mount mudguards, hence the dropouts style with eyelets. We then selected the fork crown and blades  for a more classic style while allowing the use of wide tires.

Stainless steel V-brake brake bosses are bronze brazed for strength.

Fork: Reynolds 953 for the blades, Reynolds 931 for the steerer

Construction: Silver brazing

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