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“Longtail” cargo bike

This bike is the perfect companion for the city. The architecture of the bike which is extended at the rear called “longtail” allows it to be practical with a great loading capacity but also manageable and stable. The adaptation is almost instant!

Versatility is spoiled because the transmission with triple chainring at the front and Megarange derailleur at the back with 7-speed allows you to go full speed on the flat and go up steep hills even with load. The curved handlebar provides a great riding position and the lowered frame allows you to get on the saddle without having to step over it.
The loading possibilities are multiple, 1 baby carrier + saddlebags, 2 baby carriers … the bike adapts to your needs!
Practical everyday equipment is the mudguards and the kickstand

Construction: fillet brazing

Brakes: V-brake

Wheels: 26″

Transmission:  Shimano Alivio triple crank

Dérailleurs: Shimano Mega range

Mudguards: Stronglight silver

Handlebar: Ergotec curved 30°

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