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Dominique’s Classic road bike

Dominique’s bike is inspired by the Peugeot PY10 for its style but incorporating elements of modernity including through the use of Reynolds 853 tubes and a diagonal tube of greater diameter to optimize the performance of the bike.

The construction consists in silver soldered lugs.

Frame and forks: Reynolds 853

Construction: Silver brazed lugs

Brakes:  Dia-Compe levers; Dia-Compe BRS 101 brakes

Wheels: MAVIC MA40

Saddle: Selle italia Flite Titanium

Transmission:  SUN XCD crankswith Spécialités T.A. 42×28 chainrings; IRD Cassette 7 speed 13-28

Dérailleurs:  Rear dérailleur Shimano 105; Front Dérailleur Shimano Dura Ace